Correct Belief

Praise be to Allah,
 we seek His help and His guidance and we 
ask His forgiveness and repent before Him. We seek refuge in 
Allah from the evil of our own souls and from the evil of our 
deeds. Whom Allah guides shall not go astray, and whom He 
permits to stray shall not find guidance. 
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, alone. He has no 
partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad    is His Servant and 
Messenger. He conveyed the Message and brought security and 
advised his nation, and he struggled truly in the path of Allah as all 
should struggle until the time that Allah brought him what must 
surely come to us all. May the peace and blessings of Allah be 
upon him and upon his family and his companions and upon all 
that follow his guidance and his Sunnah (way or methodology) and 
walk in his footsteps until the Day of Judgement. 
Oh Allah, be pleased with them, and with us together with 
them, by Your mercy. You are the Supremely Merciful. 
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet, 
Muhammad, and upon his family and companions and whoever 
follows their guidance until the Day of Resurrection. 
When the revelation was received by the first Muslims it came 
to them in a pure and unblemished form, and by the doctrines and 
beliefs which they received, they were raised up among men in 
honor and respect.  
But later, with the passing of the years, new ideas and new 
practices began to attach themselves to the pure faith of the 
Revelation, undermining the understanding and the beliefs of the 
Muslims, until they began to go to extremes in religion.  
Novel and strange ideas and additions in religion came to take 
the place of the doctrines and the methodologies of Islam until 
they caused a major retreat in the Muslim’s ideologies and beliefs, 
and played a major role in their ignorance and backwardness. 

This nation will not awaken from its backsliding, and will not 
emerge from insignificance, until it returns to the first sources, and 
receives its faith through the light of the Qur’an, and the  (correct 
reports of) the Sunnah (way) of the Prophet ε . There is no need of 
the empty words of philosophers and their defiant philosophy 
which led people astray and had the worst impact in destroying 
religion and distorting the teachings of the messengers.  
When the Muslims turned to the ancient philosophical 
traditions of Greek polytheism they exposed themselves to one of 
the most powerful of all poisons of the heart. 
Ibn Khaldoun mentioned that the Muslims discovered many 
philosophic religious books that were found when they conquered 
Persia. Sa’ad b. Abi Waqqas wrote to Omar b. al-Khattab to ask 
his permission to bring some of these books back with him. Omar 
wrote to him telling him to throw them into the sea. “If these 
books contain guidance, then Allah has already sufficed us, but if 
they contain error then Allah has delivered us from it. Throw them 
into the sea—or burn them.” Then they threw them into the water, 
and by that, the science of Persia was prevented from reaching the 
hands of the Muslims.”
This is how protective they were of the religion of Allah, and 
this is how every Muslim should act to protect it from the 
encroachment of the ideas of those who hope to cause trouble and 
confusion, and from the perversions of those who would destroy 
the faith of others if they could. There is no compromise  in 
Allah’s religion. 
 This nation must totally purify its monotheist beliefs from the 
distortion and the accretions of medieval philosophy which has 
been mixed with Islam.  
Imam Malik rightly pointed out that “Nothing reforms the last 
of this nation except what has reformed the first of them.”

My work in this book 
Throughout this book, I had attempted to present a clear and 
concise description of Islamic doctrines which are free of long 
digressions and pedantry. Based on authentic sources: The Qur’an 
and the authentic sunnah of the Prophet  ε . 
I had tried to cover all major areas of Islamic belief. This is not 
a book on philosophy and it is not intended to be a detailed 
discussion of any of the more esoteric areas of religious science or 
divinity. While such books have their place, they do not generally 
help ordinary Muslims to understand the clear sources of Islamic 
As for the translation of the Qur’anic verses, I had started to use 
Abdallah Yusuf Ali’s translation, then Arbery’s translation, then 
Pickthall’s translation. Finally, I received the latest of the Qur’anic 
translations written by Sahih International, published by (Abul-
Qasim) and I found it the best one among the current translations. 
But I found the necessity in some cases to modify the translated 
As for the Hadith, I do not remember coating any incorrect 
narration. Rather, I was strictly reluctant to cite any incorrect 
Hadith of the Prophet  ε . 
I hope that Allah will accept this as a deed done purely for His 
pleasure and that He will cause it to be beneficial to the Muslims 
and that He will always guide us in purifying our intentions, that 
whatever we do should be for His pleasure alone. Surely He is the 
All-Seeing, the All-Knowing. 
Pure Faith leads to salvation  
Everyone has a belief, but is it the true belief that His Lord 
wants him to believe? 
Tell me not “You believe” but tell me, what is your belief? 
If your belief is pure from polytheism and innovation, then 
you’ll be saved. 

But if your belief is inconsistent with the belief of Abraham, 
Noah, Moses…ETC, then you will not be saved. For a false belief 
does not lead to Paradise but to perish. 
Abraham worshiped One God who has no son. He worshiped 
Him directly without mediators between. 
Don’t say to me, ‘I was brought up on this faith with my family, 
so I must maintain it till I die’. But let me remind you that 
Abraham was brought up in a pagan family, nevertheless, he did 
not say, ‘since my family are pagans I have to be like them.’ But 
he criticized their beliefs and destroyed their Idols. 
Why we worship God?  
We worship God because we need His salvation, His reward, 
and because we fear His Hell and punishment. 
Can anyone else create these things other than the Creator? 
How come that people seek salvation from those who are not 
If God does not offer me these three things then this would be a 
proof that he is the wrong god, and therefore there is no need to 
worship him. 
Since Allah is My Only Creator, then He must be to me My 
Only Savior of whom I supplicate, pray to Him for my salvation in 
this world and the one to come. 
Jesus (Peace be with him) worshiped God, hoping His mercy, 
fearing His punishment. 
All the Prophets used to be the way Allah described them: 
“They used to hasten to good deeds, and supplicate Us in 
hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.”